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About Us

Our organization exists to provide both voluntary service and monetary donations to our local communities and schools.  We serve children, families and other charitable organizations, in an effort to make a difference in people’s lives. Chartered in 1956, Junior Woman’s Clubs were common in many of the local towns back in the 1950’s.  As Aurora was fast growing, so too were the needs for social organizations within our community.  Our club’s primary focus is to address needs within our community.  AJWC has gone through many changes in the past 50 plus years, no different than many other organizations in our area, modifying by-laws to accommodate the diverse community in which we live. 

There are two forms of success that our club can boast of from year to year...   those relating to fundraising, and those successes that directly affect an individual/group.

As far as fundraising, our biggest success continues to be our annual children’s play.  We are in our 53rd year of presenting the annual play, which in the last three years has raised an average of $7,500 per year.

The individual successes come from the dental care that is provided by our sister organization,


Aurora Children’s Dental Service (ACDS).  AJWC members also make up the membership of the ACDS.  This organization, along with local dentists, provide, in some cases, life-altering dental care for children who would otherwise would not receive care without our help. More than this, we have touched many lives throughout our many years in existence in our communities.  Our scholarships help to further our young adults’ education—they are our future.  We warm the little fingers of children without gloves.  The tears we have seen when we present money to a needy family.  The smiles on the elderly faces when we sing for them--There is no better opportunity to have so many ways to give something back. 

Our members range in age from 18 to 60+ years of age.  Almost all of our members work, with the predominant occupation of teachers/school administrators and nurses/medical fields.  Almost all of the members have an interest in theater, dance, music, crafts and volunteering.  We do not have geographic boundaries, although we are called the Aurora Junior Woman’s Club.  We have members from Aurora, Batavia, North Aurora, Montgomery, Oswego, Sugar Grove---any surrounding towns.  

Our regular monthly meetings are the 2nd Monday in Sept and the 1st Monday of each month Oct-May, which is our Club year.  The meeting time could vary slightly, but traditionally we meet at 6:30 at a designated meeting place. Guests/visitors are welcome to any meeting with the exception of the April meeting, which is considered our “business” meeting. 

 No dues are payable until the application for membership has been reviewed by the Board and the applicant has been accepted. Anyone interested in becoming a member can come as a guest to certain meetings or contact our club president to receive a membership application or to ask any questions about the AJWC.